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Ways to Relax Without Food or Alcohol

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Stress can occur to us any time of the day. It can come from anywhere and can last longer than you want it to be. We get stressed at work, at home and anywhere we go and human as we are, it is normal for us to seek for something that would provide us relief. Too much stress has long been found to have negative effects on overall health and so it is a need to release it.

To relieve stress, a lot of people turn to alcohol and drugs, as well binge eating for relief. These ways, however, leave negative effects to the mind and body, also, relief can also be temporary. Instead of trying yo de-stress by drinking, or eating, why not try some ways that are more relaxing and friendly for your body? There are healthier ways to relieve stress that prevent your body getting more stressed later in life.

Here are some ways to how you can relieve stress the healthy way:

1. Take a good walk.

When stress starts to engulf you at work, take a good walk outside where you can enjoy the cool breeze of the wind and the silent beauty of nature. Walk in an area where there are trees and in open spaces like the park. Although this can be inconvenient for some, taking some time away from your usual place or from the stressful environment can help you relax and take out the stress for a moment.

2. Take a sip of green tea.

Instead of gagging that alcohol and get a hangover the next day, drink green tea instead. Green tea has been known to have a lot of good benefits to health. It has high levels of amino acid L-theanine which helps reduce psychosocial stress and activates the prefrontal cortex that alleviates stress.

3. Listen to Music.

One of the easiest things to do to relax is to listen to music. Music has always been a part of our lives especially when you want to set the mood to ease your mind. Soothing sounds such as the waves crashing, songbirds, piano music and other soft music are useful for relaxation.

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4. Go for a massage.

Long-term stress causes the muscles in our body to stiffen due to high levels of cortisol released when stressed. One way to ease the tension in the muscles is by massaging it. Massage can help increase serotonin and oxytocin in the body which lowers the blood pressure and improve mood.

5. Talk to someone.

Sharing the burdens eases worry and definitely helps feel better. It helps prevent depression that is common to people who frequently feels stressed.

6. Have a stress- reliever activity.

Engage in sports, or try new hobbies to take yourself out of the usual routine. Instead of surrendering yourself to stress and do unhealthy rituals that allegedly reduces stress, try doing some exercise, sports and other hobbies that make you relaxed and comfortable. Be creative and channel your positive energy to what you are doing.

7. Do some Yoga.

Meditating always helps troubled minds. Practice the art of yoga to help you have better control over your thoughts and emotions.

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