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The Best Lawn Fertilizer For Winter

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As you are getting ready for winter, and you have a large yard, you may need to put fertilizer on it to prepare it for winter. This is something that you will add prior to the first snowfall. It is recommended that it still a little bit warm so that you can water this to get it in the soil. Some fertilizer is better than others. This is something that you may also want to do for your trees. Here is an overview of how you can use fertilizer to help prepare your lawn for when springtime arrives after a long winter.

What Type Of Fertilizer Do Lawns Like?

In the same way that trees also need potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, so also do lawns. These are critical elements, ones that must be in the soil to promote the healthy growth of most plants and trees. If you have not done this before, you may have noticed that certain areas of your lawn are becoming more light in color. It is possible that patches of your lawn could die. To prevent this from happening, or to repair areas that need this type of treatment, you will need to get NPK fertilizer.

Lawn Fertilizer

How Are They Should You Put It On?

You should consider putting this on sometime in January if it snows that late. Otherwise, late November is where most people begin. It just depends on what hemisphere of the world you are on, and when snowfall tends to start in your particular climate zone. Once you have put it on to the grass, usually spreading it evenly, the pellets will go into the ground once you have watered it. You should not overdo the fertilization process. This could end up damaging the roots and subsequently kill the grass. You will know exactly how much to do based upon the instructions that are provided on each of the packages that you can purchase.

Is This Something That You Should Do Every Year?

This is something that should be done at least once a year. It should be done sparingly. You also need to look at the reviews on the different types of fertilizer that is out there. Some of them are better than others. The reviews will not only come from customers, but businesses that have use these products. You can also find out how much professional lawn service cost at different stores in your area. After you have purchased it, you will need to spread it in and even fashion. Once you have done so, and watered it down, your grass will be prepared for the winter.

If you have not done this before, and you may want to contact a professional to come into do it. They will have all of the equipment, and will also know what type of fertilizer will be best. It will only take them a few hours if you have a large lawn, or a few minutes if it is a small one. It’s best to provide this type of protection for your lawn so it can do well while it is dormant during the winter season. Contact us to find more information.

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