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Not a Fan of Vegetables? This is How to Eat Your Veggies When You Don’t Like Them

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It’s already a common knowledge that vegetables are rich in vitamins and essential minerals that your body needs which is why you need to always include them in your diet. However, despite the knowledge that they are one of the healthiest food you can eat, a lot of people don’t eat them. Okay, Let’s be honest here — veggies are absolutely good because of all the nutrients they could provide our body, BUT, they don’t really taste all that good, to be honest.

If you are not much of a veggie eater, you know exactly the reason why you don’t eat it. Well, they don’t really look that appealing, do they?

Good thing there’s a lot of ways you can eat your veggies — from raw to cook. Here’s how you can eat your greens even if you don’t like them:

1. Don’t eat the same thing. Mix up your veggies.

Especially if you are not fond of eating veggies, eating the same thing can be uninteresting. Don’t just eat the same kind every time. There are a wide array of vegetable choices that you can find in the market and note that the fresh ones are always the best. Choose what you can eat out of the selection you have then mix them up with the other veggies. To make it more edible for you, add some spices of your choice to bring out its taste.

2. Don’t eat it plain.

Mix your veggies with other foods. Well, most people just don’t have the taste buds for plain veggies. If you are one of them, try to pair up some greens with your favorite non-veggie dish starting from small amounts until you can get used to the taste of your food.

3. Go for smoothies!

If you really can’t take eating your veggie as it is, you might want to try it as a refreshing drink. Ever heard or tried green smoothies? While most smoothies we know of are made of fruits and milk, green smoothies are extra healthier because of vegetables. Smoothies can be a fun way to eat the vegetables you need. So while getting refreshed about the healthy drink you take without noticing the veggies being there, you also gain its health benefits at the same time.

4. Veggie Soup

Make your favorite soup and add vegetables to it. The veggies add more flavor to your soup while making it extra nutritious.

 5. Make your Own Version of Salad.

One great thing about making salads is that you can be flexible and creative about it. When making your salad, you may want to try to steam the veggies or grill them if you are not used to eating veggies raw. It’s also a great way to eat your veggies with fruits. There are a lot of recipes available that you can try in making delicious salads of almost all kinds of vegetables.

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