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The Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

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Dried fruits are a healthy snack that offers numerous health benefits. Dried fruits in its purest form are fresh fruits that have been removed with water with the process of dehydration.

Dried fruits offer some advantages over their fresh fruits counterparts. First of all, they have a longer shelf life and are portable compared to the fresh ones. However, these dried fruits are added with sugar and other additives in the processing in order for them to be preserved, therefore, they significantly add more calories than the fresh ones. Dried fruits with no preservatives, on the other hand offer numerous health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of dried fruits:

 Longer Shelf-life and Portability

Dried fruits can be a healthy snack that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere without having to worry about its freshness.

Condensed Nutrients

Since dried fruits are removed with water, the nutrients in the fruit are condensed in the fruit. Dried fruits like raisins, prunes, apricots, and figs contain high amounts of vitamin E, niacin, iron, potassium, calcium and many more.

High-levels of Antioxidants

Studies show that antioxidants found in dried fruits such as dried cranberries, grapes and plums are twice as potent as in their fresh fruit forms. Dried fruits contain Phenols, which is a type of antioxidant that is abundant in fruits. Plants polyphenols help fight the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers advice dried fruits to be included in the American diet.

Calories and Fat

If you are someone who seeks to gain weight in a healthy way, dried fruits are one food that you should add to your diet. They contain significant amounts of calorie per serving making it a good natural source of energy. Dried fruits are a healthy energy snack for athletes that are mostly added to energy bars.

Rich in Fiber

Dried fruits such as apricots, raisins, and grapes contain high amounts of fiber that helps keep your digestive system smoothly. Dried fruits, in fact, contain more fiber than their fresh fruit counterparts.


Almonds – Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and have zero cholesterol. They are known to be great for hair, skin and teeth health. They also provide relief for respiratory issues, constipation and disorders of the heart.

Raisins – They are good as a healthy snack that reduces acidity in the stomach and is overall good for digestion.

Dates – Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals, proteins and is known to also provide relief from constipation. It is also known in treating anemia.

Apricots – Apricots are an abundant source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, and E, anti-oxidants, as well as potassium and copper. They are also good for the eyes, skin and immune system.

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