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Diet Mistakes You’ve Been Doing

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Losing weight is a very tough thing to do. With a lot of good food everywhere it’s hard to resist your cravings for good food. However, as hungry as you are for good food, you need to watch over your weight. With a lot of people making dieting a habit in order to get that dream figure, you too are determined to get serious about your diet.

Sometimes it feels like you are doing everything right, yet you are not getting the results that you wanted, and the process just keeps getting harder. Ever thought that maybe you are misguided and might be hindering the progress because you are doing it all wrong?

Here are some of the diet mistakes that people on diet do. If you stop making these mistakes, you’ll be able to trace what’s stopping your progress to weight loss.

Guessing your calorie intake (Eating too many calories or too few calories)

When going on a diet, monitoring your calorie intake is important. It does not have to always go by numbers though, however, eating too much or too few calories can definitely ruin your diet.

Weight loss requires calorie deficit which means that you need to burn more calories than you consume. Watching portion sizes is the key to successful weight loss diet. Consuming too many calories can be a hindrance to weight loss. On the other hand, having too few calories can make you hungry and reduce muscle mass and affect your metabolism.

 Too much exercise

Over-exercising can cause problems in the long run as it may lead people to stress. It is not healthy to force your body to burn more calories than it can for the day so don’t stress your body. If you are feeling guilty about all the food you’ve eaten a while ago, don’t make your body make up for your guilt by over-exercising.

Choosing “low-fat” food

Diet foods, mostly labeled as “low-fat” or “fat-free”, are believed as good choices of food to take when on a weight loss diet. However, these types of food may actually have the opposite effect on the person’s diet.

A lot of these products contains high amounts of sugar to improve its taste. As a result, these products make you hungrier that pushes you to eat more instead.

Not eating enough protein and fiber

If you are trying to lose weight then getting enough protein is a must for you. A high protein diet helps you in your weight loss by boosting your metabolism and increasing the feeling of fullness that makes you reduce your appetite.

Like proteins, fiber also help reduce your appetite. Eating enough fiber helps you feel less hungry and also helps you absorb fewer calories from other food.

Eating even if you are not hungry

Eating too often even if you are not hungry can hinder your weight loss progress. This will make you end up with consuming a lot of calories. When you’re under weight loss diet, it is advisable to eat only when you are hungry.

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