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A Well Watered Lawn Will Be Green and Healthy

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Maintenance of a lawn requires that it be properly watered, adequately fertilized and cut at regular intervals. Watering is a key factor that can have an effect on the appearance of a lawn. If not done properly it can damage the lawn, while doing it correctly can have your grass looking healthy and green at all times.

Important Points To keep lawn Healthy

The amount of water that your lawn needs can be different in different seasons, as evaporation will play a large part in how much water the lawn is actually able to absorb. Some varieties of grass may require more water than the others, and it is best you consult the experts or take advice from the nursery from where you have obtained all your soil, seed, and fertilizer. A lawn will thrive best if it is given about one or two inches of water every week. Calculate the water required by knowing the area of your lawn and the quantity that is given by multiplying it by one inch. Know the amount of water that your hose pipe or irrigation system can disperse and you will know how much time you need to spend to give the lawn the required water. Remember one inch during winter and gradually increase it to two inches once it is the height of summer.

Look Deeply The Damaged Roots And Lawn Requirements

Make sure that you water each part of the lawn adequately and never overwater any particular area. An over watered area will have damaged roots, while one which does not get enough water will dry and create bald spots on the lawn. Watering is best carried out early in the morning while there is still dew on the grass. Watering during the day, especially around noon, can cause heavy evaporation losses, and thus less water getting into your lawn. Many people do watering at night, but this can encourage pests and other disease and cause damage to your lawn. You need not water your lawn when it rains, and keeping track of the weather and listening to forecasts can help to reduce the incidence of watering. This natural method of watering is the best for any lawn, but you need to ensure that your lawn is properly drained and will not have water stagnating or creating any water logging.

Water Every Day

A freshly laid lawn may require being watered every day for a couple of weeks, till the grass has taken firm root and can draw moisture from the soil. Water the lawn twice a week in winters, but increase the frequency to every alternate day in the height of summer. If you find that the edges of the grass have a bluish tint, it is a sign that your lawn requires water. Over watering a  lawn treatments can result in greater weed growth and increase the effort that you need to put in for removing the weeds for a healthy lawn growth. Establish a definite rhythm in your watering schedules for best lawn growth, while making adjustments for rain and other weather condition that can increase or decrease the water that your lawn needs.

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